Pictures: Zimbabwe man wears wig, writes English exam for student

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A 22-year-old tutor was yesterday arrested for faking a national identity of his student and writing her examination at Seke Mhuriimwe High School in Chitungwiza.

Liberty Madzinga ran out of luck while sitting for an English paper 1 paper after succeeding in writing Mathematics Paper 1 and Commerce paper 1 for Tsitsi Chitima, 38 of Waterfalls.

Police moved swiftly after Liberty, who was dressed in ladies’ attire and wearing make-up and wig was spotted by an invigilator Yvonne Mutsa Mawokomatanda who became suspicious and informed her supervisor leading to the arrest.



Liberty and Tsitsi were taken to St Mary’s police station where they are detained. Deputy police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi confirmed the arrest urging members of the public not to break the law by engaging in criminal activities in order to achieve what they want.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police would like to confirm the arrest of a man in connection with misrepresentation to sit for an O level examination in Chitungwiza,” said Chief Supt Nyathi. The man was dressed in a woman’s attire and police were alerted by the examination supervisors leading to his arrest,” said Chief Supt Nyathi.

“I was not prepared for the examination and I agreed to pay Liberty part payments until he finished writing all the three subjects for me,” said Tsitsi.

My husband was not aware of the deal, I failed the three subjects in 1997 and I decided to make this deal so as to apply for employment,” said Tsitsi begging H-Metro not to publish the story.

Liberty finished writing the examination before his arrest and the two are expected to appear in court tomorrow. state media