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SPONSORED-Abeco Tanks curbing water shortages in Zimbabwe

The management of water is critical to the economic growth of countries as well as for agriculture to feed nations. Zimbabwe like other African countries struggles with water infrastructure with its citizens facing many water restrictions.

One company helping alleviate the problem is Abeco Tanks who has been helping Zimbabweans save water in preparation for when the water supply is interrupted. Their vision is to limit the harsh fallout of water scarcity in Africa and they have been successfully providing water tanks in Africa for nearly 40 years.

Zimbabwe also has a semi-arid climate with minimal rain fall per annum, so the steel water tanks Abeco are able to provide are crucial for assisting with ongoing water concerns. The company’s core focus is to enable a sufficient water supply when there is a break in the supply of water to communities, municipalities as well as companies.

Mannie Ramos Jnr. is the company’s Chief Operating Officer, he says that in order to mitigate the risks involved with water supply problems, organisations should look at water tanks the same way they would use a savings account for money.

“We put money away to remain afloat in difficult times, in the same way organisations, to remain operational when water supply is unstable, should do the same and this means having a water storage tank to save water,” says Ramos Jnr.


Abeco’s focus on manufacturing and supplying water tanks which are of high quality and built to last, makes them renowned leaders in the water storage Industry.

Since their inception in the early eighties and amidst a global economic downturn as a result of the pandemic, the company is still a preferred supplier when it comes to water storage solutions.

Being a private company with funding partners, Global Capital empowerment fund and Investec Private Capital as well as equity stakeholders, Abeco has attained an outstanding reputation over the years in Central America, Africa, and the Middle East.

Abeco’s customer base in Zimbabwe includes Zimplats, Mimosa Mine, Lupane state University, Unicef Chivhu and Sawanga Shopping Mall to name a few.

Although Zimbabwe has adequate water resources, the country’s challenges with water include: an increase in population growth which in turn has caused rapid urbanization; a failing water infrastructure which as of 2016 has declined even further, problems such as water leaks, corroded pipes, sewage bursts and water shortages are all too common, and polluted water supply that is not safe for consumption.

With the rapid growth of urbanisation in Africa there is an expected increase in water consumption – double the amount over the next 25 years – placing immense demand on the water supply, with reservoir capacity not increasing adequately enough to accommodate the growing population.

By providing water tanks Abeco is able to store water safely when the supply is interrupted ensuring water is always available at any given time.

Regardless of the type of business whether it’s the local grocery store or large manufacturing plant, running water is a necessity and is vital in keeping a business operational.

Like companies would buy a generator for times when there are power outages to ensure uninterrupted workflow, water shortages being common should also have a backup plan in place. For hygiene and health purposes a sanitary environment is vital, as well as for day-to-day activities like flushing the toilets, employees needing to wash their hands, having clean cutlery, floors and desks, as well as access to drinking water to stay hydrated.

Besides basic needs in the workplace, water is essential for maintaining sterile conditions in Clinics and Hospitals, factory manufacturing processes require water for production, water is paramount for the Farming of crops and livestock, warehouses need to be cleaned and more.


With water being grossly undervalued in price the recovery of costs is not achievable as there is not a considerable amount of money linked with the wastage of water.

Suddenly when the water supply is non-existent people rush to find an interim solution rather than planning properly to ensure that there is always a consistent supply of water available.

Concrete reservoirs have become outdated in most parts of the world due to the time required for construction, which can take years and also the high costs incurred.

For this reason, steel reservoirs that have been powder coated are the popular choice in recent years, these reservoirs have a life span of over 50yrs with only a few months needed for construction and a huge reduction in cost.

New Technological advances in the field of water have evolved, allowing for the tracking of water storage levels, the usage and quality of the water to be monitored, Solar powered water desalination, filtration, and water extraction from air and so many more groundbreaking technologies.

How Abeco are able to assist
Often the main water source can be hundreds of kilometres away making accessibility difficulty, having water storage tanks ensures immediate water access 24/7.

Abeco have a long standing history with Zimbabwe providing high quality water tanks.

Abeco’s state of the art manufacturing plant has the engineering capability to manufacture any large sized tanks that are able to hold up to 50 million litre of storage water. The modular design of the tanks also allows them to create different tank shapes and sizes to meet requirements specific to customer’s needs.

The company’s high quality manufacturing standards guarantee steel water tanks that provide stored water that can be used safely for agriculture and to drink.

The tanks are durable and safe, rubber components are nontoxic and non-tainting to ensure purity of the water, steel components are hot dip galvanized so they don’t rust and corrosion protection is also used to prevent cracking like you would get with concrete and Algae and bacteria are unable to grow inside.


Abeco has been a trusted supplier in Zimbabwe and across Africa for many years making them the perfect choice to further service the region.

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