Face to face with the man behind Globallakes Boreholes

The old adage that patience is a virtue and that God has a perfect timing, neither too early nor too late best describes the life of Roy Mukwena, a 25 year-old entrepreneur who has ventured into a very competitive business of borehole drilling that birthed Globallakes Borehole drilling company two years ago.
Speaking on why he ventured into this challenging field, Mukwena said: “having grown up in a humble neighborhood of Kuwadzana, often times we experienced dry tapes for longer periods and this gave me a zeal to dream of establishing a borehole company that would one day assist my community”
“I want to attribute my journey to patience, my road has never been rosy, things did not just fall together at once, and I remember having to endure hard times during my college days as I struggled to independently finance my studies” he said.
The borehole drilling field is one of the fasted growing field in Zimbabwe, as the country is reeling from a downward economy characterized by poor service delivery from the local council and local government, there has been an increase in demand for cleaner and safer water sources.
“There are no signs that we are going to fail, it is my wish that if given chance to collaborate with parastatals or other big corporates my pipe-dream to assist marginalized communities with cleaner and safer water would be achieved” Mukwena said
“As a company that is only two years old, we have faced several challenges in trying to finance our operations, access to financial loans has also been a major stumbling block.
Global Lake Boreholes has so far drilled in different parts of the country both for business as well as for social responsibility and also paying back to the communities.
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