Sino Zim lays off 400 workers…..Moyo says ruling a disaster

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Zimbabwe and China joint venture company, Sino Zim Cotton today laid off about 400 workers in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling allowing companies to dismiss workers on notice and without retrenchment packages.11749639_10154047903399942_79780870_n
Hundreds of Sino Zim employees turned up for work this Wednesday morning only to be shocked by letters of termination of employment contracts.

The letters addressed by the company’s General Manager – Human Resources stated that the workers last date of employment was 21 July in line with terms of their employment contract and terms of common law.

Zimbabwe Textile Workers Union General Secretary, Mr Silas Kuvheya said 247 of its members have been dismissed, adding that the Supreme Court ruling last Friday has set a bad precedence for laying off workers with virtually nothing.

“We are engaging with the management of Sino Zim. It is unfortunate that there is this Supreme Court ruling which was passed on Friday and every company is going to start laying off workers. We are very concerned and have been engaging government and we are appealing even to the head of state,” he said.


Meanwhile, more than 36 permanent workers at Ruwa pharmaceutical concern, MedTech have been served with letters of termination of employment.

The workers, many of whom have been with the firm for over 20 years, say they are shocked that management at the company has already commenced hiring casual employees.

Following Friday’s Supreme Court ruling 700 workers were reportedly laid off by Tuesday.-zbc