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How Technology is Expanding Horizons in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is increasingly moving into a technology driven era of business productivity. At the same time, Zimbabweans are becoming more digitally connected than they ever have been before. Laptop and smartphone ownership numbers are growing across the country. What does this bold new era mean? Well, it has numerous possibilities for social interaction, entertainment, and even remote work.
More people in Zimbabwe have access to electronic devices, with mobile phone ownership penetration at over 83% by 2019. Over 12 million of the country’s 14 million inhabitants now have a mobile device. While not all of these are smartphones, they provide people with a new avenue for entertainment.
Thanks to devices like phones and laptops, Zimbabweans can access streaming services for movies and music. They can also tap into the increasingly popular online casino market, where they can play poker, roulette, and slots. Of course, devices also unlock the world of gaming, whether mobile games or PC gaming.
Remote Work
While having more ways to be entertained is nice, perhaps the biggest benefit of the push into a digital world is access to remote work. In recent years, the ability to work remotely is becoming a desirable choice for many people around the world. Companies are finding value in being able to access employees from a global pool of talent.
In Zimbabwe, remote work takes on two forms. Firstly, remote work provided by companies situated within the country. Secondly, locals in the country using technology to seek remote work positions outside Zimbabwe.
It’s true the remote work market is nascent in the country but looking to South Africa shows how transformative a vibrant remote work sector can be. In South Africa, a recent study shows 63% of professionals see an increase in productivity when working from home. Over 50% of respondents says they feel more motivated when working remotely.
Remote work can also have a positive impact on employers, who see productivity increase without the overheads that come with on-location workers. However, it is worth noting the remote work sector in Zimbabwe is not as mature as in South Africa, but it’s clear the potential for growth is there.
Social Connection Outside Zimbabwe
For decades, it has been easy to view Zimbabwe as isolated form the global community. There are many reasons why this happens, but technology is helping to create a bridge between Zimbabweans and people around the world.
One of the best things about the internet is it can unify people. Mobile phone and laptop owners in Zimbabwe can now easily interact with people from other nations. Not only does this expand their own world view, but also allows other people to learn about Zimbabwe.
Social media is the main driver between a new era of connection in Zimbabwe. People around the country are connecting with each other and then looking beyond the country’s borders. Thanks to the internet, Zimbabweans can expand their horizons on hobbies, interests, learning, or simply just chatting with other people.