The Stephen Margolis Resort; not just a wedding venue, but more…

The first thing that comes to mind when a person mentions the Stephen Margolis Resort are the unique weddings on the floats on their dam waters and the carved rocks, surrounded by the indigenous tree species…but that’s not all, the Resort has more to offer for cooperates, individuals, families, groups, churches etc. The list is endless.

It is a one stop Resort which caters for Conferences, Team Building, Weddings, Accommodation, expos and functions.

The Resort is situated in the beautiful Valley of Nyarongo River that runs from Prospect in the North of Harare through the Resort to Hunyani River in the South.

The Resort is a 70 Acre Garden of over sixty indigenous tree species, a variety of unique rock formations and two beautiful dams in view from numerous angles in the Resort.


Engraved on the rocks are beautiful depictions of several animals including Africa’s “big five”. The Resort is also privileged to be housing three sites of original bushman paintings, including the moose which is distinctively found in the cold areas like the yellow stone in America.

They are located just 3 km from the Robert Mugabe International Airport. The location can be seen on -17.959, 31.033147 coordinates. Their self- constructed Stephen Margolis tarred road connects the Resort to the Chitungwiza road which comes off from the Simon Mazorodze round- about. Access to the Resort is by full tarmac.

The Resort is a safe hub for all guests with an all rounded electrical fence and guarded with our 24 hour security workforce. They have six thatched gazebos which are used for a variety of activities. In addition, they have a Conference Centre which has breakaway rooms and twenty four well ventilated, cool bedrooms under thatch. Each bedroom has a great view of their beautiful gardens, rocks and water.

They have just completed a casino building and look forward to opening the casino in the near future. They continue constructing more rooms in an effort to achieve 100 rooms at the Resort. Future plans are to also build an amusement park with a roller coaster and water world included.

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