The history behind ……………….Margolis Holdings P/L

Francisca Muringaniza

When we speak of growth and development in the business world, Margolis Holdings has reflected advancements and accomplishments for the past 39 years.

The History behind is unravelled, with astonishing details that will not only be engaging but will motivate businesses that are growing. The detailed events are told first hand by the Owner and Founder of the Holdings, Mr Stephen Margolis.

Margolis Holdings was founded by Stephen Margolis in 1981. The Firm has three subsidiaries with different unique functions, namely:
• Stephen Margolis Resort P/L
• Margolis Trading P/L
• Step Investments P/L


The Organisation was registered on the 13th of February 1981 commencing business in that year with imports of tools and spare parts which were sold to retailors and transport operators.

Subsequently, they got involved in Government tenders in the same line of business, expanding tremendously. They didn’t stop there, but furthered their business into general trading, attracting supplies to Government departments at a bigger scale.

In 1985, the Holdings ventured into its first Real Estate which they subdivided into sectional titles and sold.

“Thereafter, we bought several units of flats selling them on sectional titles, one of which was called “Speke Mansions” at the corner of Harare and Speke Avenue. We reconstructed the building to what is now known as Margolis Plaza which houses several commercial tenants.

The building caters for shops and offices and it is one of the cleanest buildings in town.”…. Mr Margolis said
“We have since then continued earnestly in Real Estate ownership and development until this day”.

In the 90s they ventured into medical supplies resulting in the formation of Margolis Medicals. By that time, Margolis Medicals was involved in theManufacturing of maternity sanitary towels for new mothers across the country supplying almost every Hospital in Zimbabwe.

The Company also represented an International supplier from India supplying vaccines nationally. Mr Margolis introduced Nurse of the year Awards to the Ministry of Health and Child Care, sponsoring Zimbabwe’s best 3 Nurses every year which were
selected by the Ministry itself.

The award Ceremony was attended and presented by the Ministry Health every year. In 2006, they acquired a piece of land which was developed into an Industrial Park in Aspindale
Harare known as “Margolis Industrial Park”.

In 2009, they bought another piece of land in Waterfalls, Harare which they then subdivided into Industrial stands to sell, most of them have been sold and still have several hectares of Industrial stands in this development.

In the centre of this land, they carved out 70 acres on both sides of the Nyarongo River which cuts through their land, thus creating the Stephen Margolis Resort with two
dams in the middle.


“Between then and now, we have acquired several pieces of land within Harare which we are developing into residential stands and gated housing projects”….Mr Margolis