Akon Soon to Build his Own Crypto City in Africa

Akon is set to build his own city, which is going to be known as Akon City. Reports are that this city will be powered by cryptocurrency.

At first, there were so many doubts concerning this issue but the African superstar confirmed this himself on his Twitter account. In the tweet, he talked about how agreements between him and the country of Senegal had actually been finalised. This means that Akon City is coming to life as he started on real money online casinos. In the Twitter post, he went on to say that he was looking forward to hosting people there in the future.

Back in 2018, CNN reported that Akon’s Akon City was going to be built on a piece of land that was 2,000 acres big. The CNN article also noted that the piece of land was going to come from Macky Sall, who is the president of Senegal, as a gift.

Back then, it was reported that Akon City was going to be just five minutes away from the country’s international airport. However, at the moment, it is still to be confirmed if the piece of land that Akon was gifted is the confirmed site for the star’s city.

Akon City to be Cryptocurrency Powered

It came as a surprise to a lot of people that the city was going to be powered by cryptocurrency only. Another huge surprise was the fact that it wasn’t any of the known cryptocurrencies that is going to be used in Akon City. Instead, Akoin is the cryptocurrency that will be used there. If you are wondering what this is, let us explain. Akoin is Akon’s own cryptocurrency. In 2018, it was reported that all transactions in Akon City are going to be done using Akoin. So far, it’s really hard to gauge what Akon’s cryptocurrency is worth as there hasn’t been any paper work yet.


At the moment, it seems all we can do is play our favourite best payout casino online games and see how things pan out.