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Bullion Group scholarship benefit 110 pupils

Mr Persistence Gwanyanya

Herald Reporter

The Bullion Group has launched a scholarship programme with St Anthony’s Primary and Secondary Schools becoming the initial beneficiaries.

The programme will initially support 100 primary school and 10 secondary school pupils who will be chosen by the school’s administration.

Bullion founder and managing director, Mr Persistence Gwanyanya, in a statement said the scholarship is supportive of the group’s vision to create a sustainable brand which will outlive its founders.

“The scholarship programme targets pupils with potential but currently facing financial problems to continue with their studies especially at this time when our economy is experiencing challenges of historical proportion.


“Importantly, the scholarship programme targets disciplined students who are more suitable to represent the flourishing Bullion Group brand,” he said.

The scholarship was launched after Bullion recently launched the Zaka Schools Soccer Tournament, which was won by Zivavose on 20 September 2019.

This tournament is now an annual event.

Bullion also supported Tariro Trust pupils with school fees for some of its deserving beneficiaries.

The Bullion founder and MD, said he is mostly concerned about affording people opportunity to realise their full potential.

“I see my success through others. If they make it in life, then l have made it. If they become future leaders then, we are more successful. That’s how l view the world. That’s my belief,” he said.

He said the beneficiaries should be more disciplined and hardworking.

“They should work hard until the end of delivery because we want to be associated with success. Our intention is to take this programme at national level so we benefit more children,” he said.

Bullion is a diversified group into Trade Finance and Structured Finance, Financial Services, Tobacco production and trading, commodities trading, technology and medical health care.

The group has 11 companies in Zimbabwe and South Africa, which include Bullion Leaf Zimbabwe, Bullion Leaf Exports, Bullion Commodities International, Bullion Financial Services, Bullion Technologies, Bullion Healthcare, Bullion Traders International (SA), Percycon Advisory Services and Percycon Global Fund Managers (SA).