CAIRO-HEADQUARTERED African Export –Import Bank(Afreximbank) is courting contractors to construct its Harare trade centre envisaged to become the bank’s regional hub.

In 2017, the bank was allocated 1,2 hectares of prime commercial land in Newlands to develop its regional offices consisting of state-of-the-art trade information and conferencing facilities and a posh hotel, among other amenities.

Reputable and experienced contractors have been invited to submit bids for construction of the trade centre.

The bank has been Zimbabwe’s all-weather friend, providing financial packages for industrial retooling and the importation of essential commodities such as fuel.

In the past 20 years, Afreximbank has disbursed more than $7 billion to Zimbabwean entities in the public and private sectors. When government introduced the surrogate currency, bond notes in 2016, it indicated they were backed by the bank.

Afreximbank is a multilateral pan-African financial institution established to provide financing solutions and advisory services for the expansion, diversification, promotion and development of intra-extra African trade.