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Full List of Clients Who Visited Late Chipinge Sangoma Sekuru Ndunge Available

Several famous people from Zimbabwe and abroad – prophets, traditional healers, musicians, business people, footballers, politicians and illegal foreign currency dealers – are reportedly among a list of clients of the late traditional healer Charles Makhuyana Ndunge from Chipinge.  

Jabulani Ndunge

Jabulani Ndunge

Sekuru Ndunge, who recently died at his homestead in South Downs, Chipinge after succumbing to diabetes, was a very popular herbalist among the sick and fortune seekers alike.

Jabulani Ndunge (44), son to Sekuru Ndunge, revealed that the family has a comprehensive list his late father’s clients.

Sekuru Ndunge, who died three weeks ago at the age of 87, was a very popular traditional healer globally for providing both good and bad medicinal charms.

Jabulani, who is already being referred to as Sekuru taking after his father, added that the family has books with telephone numbers belonging to his father’s clients.


“There is nothing to hide about the list of clients because even hospitals and clinics keep such records. That what we also do here, to keep records. Most popular prophets in this country used to come to get assistance from my father. They would receive whatever charms they had requested. Other famous traditional leaders would also come here to be assisted. Football teams and their players would pay us regular visits including business people who sell cars and those “money changers”, said Jabulani claiming that most of the clients would be assisted during his presence.

He said most prophets from the various apostolic sects would often come and get help from his late father, Sekuru Ndunge.

“My father had over 10 million clients from all over the world. So, from that list would you miss some big names including government minister, politicians even othe popular personalities? These are the ones who contribute the bulk of clients on the list that we have.

“But I cannot give you the books or divulge their names so that you can see for yourself because our work ethic and you might even come across the name of your brother or father. The books are kept safe and locked away in a briefcase left by my father,” said Jabulani.

He said everyone who came to be assisted by his father, his or her name was written down including where they came from and the assistance they received and the amount paid for such service.

“I don’t know if you (Kwayedza reporters) can visit a hospital and be able to get list of patience including their ailments? This is the same with us here, we can not divulge the names because we want to protect the information of our patience. But always know that we have the list,” he added.

Jabulani said the prophets who were clients to his father had not done wrong because the herbs that his father was using came from the same God that the prophets believe in and the powers they use to pray and heal their congregants.

“Some very popular prophets from other countries used to come and get help from my father. Even those who wanted luck charms, that is what they would get.”

He said most of his father popular and famous clients would visit during the night or very early in the morning to avoid publicity.

“My father, Sekuru Ndunge would give assistance to everyone as I have said before one would always get what he or she asked for including luck charms. People would always be warned about the consequences of having such luck charms in future,” he said.


Jabulani confirmed recent reports that there were several of his father’s clients who were rushing to the homestead to return their luck charms following his death.

“It’s true people are coming and we are helping them on top of what they got from my father because I am the one who inherited all the tools of the trade from my father. Some of the customers identify me from the days they would see working with my father for over 20 years.”

He however said some of the reports were not true.

“There are some reports claiming that mountains close to South Downs, Chipinge are now infested with snakes, hyenas and herbs from Sekuru Ndunge’s clients. Those are lies,” he said.