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WATCH: Black Snakes Chase ex- Arsenal FC Star Liberian President George Weah Out Of Office

LIBERIAN President George Weah
LIBERIAN President George Weah

LIBERIAN President George Weah has been chased from his office by two black snakes which were seen slithering from a hole in the wall.

LIBERIAN President George Weah

LIBERIAN President George Weah

Nerve-wrecking footage of the two deadly reptiles coming out of a hole in the Liberian Foreign Affairs ministry, which houses the President’s office, have forced the former Manchester City striker to dash for cover.

He will be operating from home until at least 22 April, his office has said.

The whole building has since been evacuated, and staff have been told to report to work from Monday, the BBC reported.

Liberia’s Press Secretary Smith Toby told the BBC : “It’s just to make sure that crawling and creeping things get fumigated from the building.


“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosts the office of the president, so it did an internal memo asking the staff to stay home while they do the fumigation.”

Mr Toby added: “That building’s been there for years now, and [because of] the drainage system, the possibility of having things like snakes crawling in that building was high,” he said.

The former Chelsea and Manchester City star, who also won the World Footballer of the Year in 1995, campaigned for Liberian Presidency on a ticket that championed low cost housing, electricity, running water, and better education for Liberia’s rural regions.

He won the Liberian presidential run off in 2017 with 61% of the vote, defeating Vice President Joseph Boakai.

Watch the video below: