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The Church allows sex outside of marriage if there’s love between man and woman

Catholic Church celebrated a council last week in Milan (Italy), with all the authorities of the organization. The Church is trying to change the message intended for young people, to reach their hearts.

At the assembly, several dogmas and disciplinary matters were agreed, but the most controversal decision in the Christian community has been the one that accepts sexual activity outside the marriage union. Until now, sex outside of marriage had been declared a sin, but after this Council, that situation has changed.

But the bishops have decided to put limits to this decision. Therefore, extramarital sex will be accepted if there is love between the lovers. “We can not admit sex only as a carnal exchange, that is still immoral and therefore sinful,” explained one of the bishops of the assembly. In addition, only sex between couples of different sex will be accepted. “We have not suddenly gone mad, everything has a limit”-satire