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Meikles Hotel SPEAKS OUT On Lorraine Guyo’s “Ndinyengeiwo Video”

Lorraine Guyo-Meikles Hotel SPEAKS OUT on “Ndinyengeiwo video”

Lorraine Guyo-Meikles Hotel SPEAKS OUT on “Ndinyengeiwo video”

As furore  over the Ndinyengeiwo video continues to ravage the streets of Zimbabwe social media,  Five Star Hotel, Meikles has released a statement distancing themselves from the shenanigans.

In a statement, the hotel- which preferred to refer to the  “Ndinyengeiwo video” as an ongoing issue on various social media platforms– claimed that the Business Centre located in the lobby of the hotel where the star of the Ndinyengeiwo video works is subcontracted to a private company and that they have nothing to do with the management of its affairs.

We are being told the Business Centre  had/has somewhat become something of a mini tourist attraction as suitors trip over each other to win (or at least attempt)  the heart of  Lorraine Guyo who is at the centre of the storm.  Reports are that her employer , overwhelmed by the situation has had to let her go.

Below… the Official Statement

In response to an ongoing issue on various social media platforms, Management of Meikles Hotel would like to advise that the Business Centre situated in the lobby of the hotel is a privately run, outsourced facility which is operated and managed by a private company.


Lorraine Guyo-Meikles Hotel SPEAKS OUT on "Ndinyengeiwo video"
Lorraine Guyo-Meikles Hotel SPEAKS OUT on “Ndinyengeiwo video”

In an interview today, Lorraine disclosed that the incident had ruined her life and she had contemplated taking her own life, as her phone was blowing up with messages, calls-some even international- as suitors heeded her ‘mating call’ as it were. She claimed she has had to dump the phone number, adding that she has a boyfriend who isn’t at all amused by the developments.

She also subsequently denied being the lady in the birthday suit video now circulating especially on messaging platform Whatsapp, claiming the striking resemblance is just a case of mistaken identity, however some members of the public are not convinced these are earnest claims but a ruse to save face in the face of intense pressure.

Some are however empathetic and have started threads on social media defending her honour , calling for her privacy to be respected, saying there is nothing wrong with making funny and prank videos in one’s spare time.-iHarare