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‘I have US$ 13 Billion businesses’ Masiyiwa responds to Jonathan Moyo

Strive Masiyiwa with Bill Gates and Dr Paul Farmer at a Forbes event.
Strive Masiyiwa with Bill Gates and Dr Paul Farmer at a Forbes event.

Telecommunications guru Strive Masiyiwa has responded to a jibe by exiled Former G40 Kingpin Professor Jonathan Moyo that he is a Bondnote billionaire, a reference to the local currency that is used in Zimbabwe.

In a statement issued by Econet Wireless on Friday titled Masiyiwa has started for businesses that are worth more than $13 Billion the company said:

Businessman Strive Masiyiwa has so far founded four different business that are valued at more tyhan $13 billion. Commenting on his Facebook the Econet Founder said four of his business ventures had become what are know as unicorns:

•    Econet Wireless Zimbabwe $3.2 bil
•    Cassava Zimbabwe $3.8 bil
•    Liquid Telecom $2.5 bil
•    And Aitel Nigeria, which he started is now worth over $4 bil. He sold his started. He sold his stake in the business about two years ago

Other well known businesses that he started such as Mascom Botswana and 2Degress New Zealand are also closing in on the billion dollar status. Mr Masiyiwa said all these were businesses that he started from scratch, “I promoted them to investors, and I set them up hiring their first employees.”


He said he is working on developing other businesses  that he hopes one day will also reach Unicorn status.

Masiyiwa said, “Econet Zimbabwe did not succeed because we had a license. There were two other operates with licenses. Telecel had three International partners  but none of them could beat us in the market.

Read the full statement below: