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UK: New restaurant Zim Braai opens its doors in Poole

ONE of Dorset’s newest restaurants, Zim Braai, has opened its doors in Poole.

The new eatery offers dishes from South Africa, and also the Seychelles, Malawi, Zanzibar, Madagascar, Zimbabwe and Cape Town.

This new venture at Ashley Cross, Parkstone, has been launched by Andy Lennox, founder of the Koh brand, to introduce the public to a spectacular range of food found throughout southern Africa.

Building upon the popularity of various international cuisines, Andy has adapted the recipes, flair and cooking style of the world’s second largest and second most-populous continent to suit the UK.

Andy said: “On my travels I had one of those lightbulb moments and realised the UK restaurant sector was missing a great new opportunity, yet diners are eager and highly receptive when it comes to international cuisine. I’ve explored Southern African food and I decided I wanted to deliver it as a new proposition.”

Andy said: “It’s an exciting cuisine – featuring fish, meat, vegetables and lots of flavours – there is something for everyone and it offers a tantalising new foodie frontier for the tastebuds.”


“When we travel we try new things. Specialisms differ widely in one country, let alone the southern half of a massive continent. There’s a first time for discovering new food, often it is memorable and goes on to become a firm favourite.”

Open all day, Zim Braai offers a tasting menu at £29.50, small bites, From the Braai , For the Potjie (stews and curries), salads, rice and soups – not forgetting The Bobotie, the iconic national dish of South Africa, which is a mixture of curried meat and fruit with a creamy topping (not unlike moussaka).

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