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Chiefs Demands WiFi ,New Houses and Sugarcane Plots from Mnangagwa

 In a wave of new self-centered demands, chiefs from Masvingo Province have demanded that Government builds new and bigger houses to match the trendy Isuzu Twin Cabs they got from tax-payer’s money just before this year’s national elections.
Ironically Government failed to provide the chiefs with fuel to return to their homes after a meeting they held on Friday last week. They were promised that money would be sent in their ecocash accounts later.
The chiefs said it embarrassed them to park the Twin Cabs at their homes because the two don’t match. They also demanded WiFi routers (efficient WiFi  routers cost $500 per month), boosters near their homes and an upward review of their salaries.
The chiefs who already have many other benefits including farms and sugarcane plots demanded fresh sugarcane plots at Tugwi-Mukosi Irrigation scheme in Chivi.
The chiefs had been called to a meeting at Benjamin Urombo House in Masvingo to welcome Ezra Chadzamira, the new Minister of State for Masvingo.
While there are some concerns that were raised that could help the people, it was the demands for personal benefits for chiefs that dominated the meeting.
The chiefs who stepped on each other’s toes with personal demands were Nemauzhe, Chief Murinye, Chief Chitanga and Chief Tshovani.
Chief Nemauzhe, real name Nelson Murandu of Chivi pleaded with Chadzamira to refurbish the chief’s houses to complement the latest Isuzu Twin Cabs.
“We need better houses, we cannot continue dwelling in these ancient structures. When our cars are parked outside neighbours ask if we have rich visitors around because our houses and cars do not complement each other. We need houses that befit our stature and cars,” said Chief Nemauzhe.
“Our allowances do not allow us to fully support our families; the Government promised us a salary increase, we are still waiting for that promise to be fulfilled,” said Chief Tshovani of Chiredzi.
The plea for better allowances was also shared by Chief Nemauzhe, Chief Murinye from Masvingo, Chief Ndanga from Zaka and Chief Negavi from Mwenezi who spoke on behalf of their counterparts from their respective districts.
Chief Murinye bragged about being a lawyer in Harare hence he needed a WiFi at home.
“We are in a technological age. Network is a serious issue in some of our areas, we receive messages after climbing up  a rock. Network boosters and Wi-Fi routers are a necessity for chiefs in this age, we need to stay up to date and in communication,” said Chief Murinye.