Why President Mnangagwa cannot fire Deputy minister Terrence Mukupe

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Deputy finance minister Terence Mukupe has promised Zanu PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa 500 000 votes from students, lecturers and their dependents from the country’s higher and tertiary training institutions.

In an interview with CIJZ Mukupe said Zanu PF is estimating a poll victory of over 65% in the July 30 elections.

“Our estimates are that we are going to get 3.5 million votes out of the registered 5.5 million voters,” Mukupe said.

“This is not coming from nowhere, we have cell registers and we know our membership that is the reason why the president is saying we should spend more time talking about the economy,” he said.

“People are tired of politics and Mnangagwa wants economy to lead politics. When I meet students I explain to them the reason why our education system, our health care and our infrastructure have collapsed is because there was concentration on politics instead of improving the lives of the people.”

On being asked about Mnangagwa’s response to recent chaotic issues where he was involved in a public spat with People’s Democratic Party leader Tendai Biti, the assault of a workmate as well as the altercation with a journalist Blessed Mhlanga, Mukupe said: “It is election season, no one in the establishment even gave it attention. Focus is on the economy.”-CIJZ