Bread Reverts to Old Price In Zimbabwe Following a Surprise $0,10 Hike

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Bakeries will with effect from tomorrow revert back to the old price of bread, as the government takes further steps to halt the unjustified price increases in the economy.

Zimbabweans had this Sunday woken up to a new price of bread with a loaf now costing $1 from 90 cents, and from $1 to $1.10 respectively, hence the convening of an urgent meeting today organised by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Enterprises Development in response to the price increases.

Stakeholders who attended the meeting are: Confederations of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI), Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC), Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe, National Bakers Association, Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ), Small Bakers Association of Zimbabwe, Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers and the Retailers Association of Zimbabwe.

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Enterprises Development Dr Mike Bimha said bakeries and various players are engaged with the National Competitiveness Commission on challenges affecting firms.

He said constraints threatening viability of firms are also being taken into account to solve price increases.

More details to follow: