Zanu PF Thug Tafadzwa Musarara Sued For $700 Maintenance

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The legal battle between Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe chairperson Tafadzwa Musarara and a Harare woman over the paternity of a 2 year old child sired out of the wedlock is continuing at the Civil Court with the former maintaining he was not the biological father.

Cynthia Wozhele last filed an application at the Civil Court under case number M900/16, where she accused Musarara of neglecting his child.

Wozhele is demanding $700 for the maintenance of the child. However Musarara in his opposing affidavit denied the knowledge of the child arguing that he had no access to Wozhele during the time of conception.

“I have no knowledge of a child called Tererai Musarara. I am applying that this court orders that a DNA test be conducted. The money that the complainant is demanding is not justifiable for a minor child,” said Musarara is his opposing affidavit.

The matter was postponed to 17 November, 2017 to allow for a DNA test to be conducted to ascertain the paternity of the minor.

Musarara has also refused to take a birth certificate of the child and has been evasive, according to Wozhele, from the time the child was born on August 12, 2015.

“Respondent’s (Musarara) assertion that he has no knowledge of our minor child falls foul and short of the truth. It suffices to mention that the respondent is the one who named our minor child Tererai,” said Wozhele in her founding affidavit.

A DNA test in Zimbabwe costs between $300 and $350.