SCHOOL SUICIDE. . . Deputy head blows $500 on beer, hangs self

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THE deputy headmaster of Makhulela Primary School in Bulilima District committed suicide by hanging after squandering $500 in school funds on beer.

Headman Ndolwane said Themba Nyathi (50) was found hanging by a rope from the roof of his cottage located within the school premises on Monday morning.

He said Nyathi allegedly committed suicide as school authorities were looking for him after he was sent to withdraw $500 from the bank, but did not report for duty for a week after withdrawing the money.

Nyathi reportedly also tried to commit suicide during last school holiday while at his parent’s home in Old Magwegwe Suburb, Bulawayo.

“There is a deputy headmaster from Makhulela Primary School who was found hanging from his cottage on Monday morning. He is suspected to have hanged himself on Sunday night. Nyathi’s body was found by another teacher who shares a cottage with him.

“The teacher became curious after Nyathi didn’t report for duty on Monday morning and went back to check on him only to find his body hanging from the roof of his bedroom,” he said.

Headman Ndolwane said during the last school holiday, Nyathi allegedly tried to hang himself in a bushy area in Bulawayo after accusing his  mother of selling five of his cattle without his permission.

He said Nyathi was stopped by a passerby who found him climbing a tree while holding a  rope.

Headman Ndolwane said Nyathi was well known for his drinking habits.

The senior village head of the area, Mr Luka Khupe said Nyathi was reportedly assigned to withdraw $500 from the school account on Monday last week. He said Nyathi did not return with the money but absconded from work.

Mr Khupe said school authorities tried to locate him but failed and there were claims that he squandered the money on booze.

“A week before he died Nyathi was assigned to withdraw $500 from the bank in Plumtree.

“He was supposed to surrender the money at the school on the same day but he didn’t.

“He squandered the money on beer and didn’t report for duty that week.

“He only returned to the school on Sunday evening and he was expected to report for duty on Monday morning.

“When he was found hanging he had $100 in his pocket and it’s suspected that it was part of the money which he was supposed to surrender to the school,” he said.-cHRONICLE